Two Weekends

Dinner: Choose between American Legion's famous fried chicken or their tender pork loin. Cash bar available.

Tickets: When purchasing tickets, you will be asked for your entrée selection. You will be able to choose a seat and table. The locations are APPROXIMATE . Your party will be kept together if you purchase at the same time.

Show: The play, by Billy St. John, is about a murder on the set of a TV game show where celebrities try to guess the occupation of the mystery guest. Several audience members will be asked to participate each night.

During the TV show, someone is killed.  Who will solve the murder? Will it be the crusty detective or the amateur sleuth with a passion for TV mystery shows who will no doubt get in his way?

Who is the most likely to be arrested for the crime? The murdered man’s wife, one of the show’s cast members or somebody else? Nobody liked the guy anyway, so it could be any number of people.

WARNING: A theater prop gun is displayed onstage and fired offstage during this production.